Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When the beach seems far, far away...

Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons; the weather, that tiny chill in the air that makes you want to throw on a scarf and boots (but not quite cold enough for mittens and earmuffs), the festive atmosphere of Halloween, and the preparation of Thanksgiving, (and it's also my birthday season!) There is nothing more magical to me than the leaves changing colors, the smell of fireplaces, and hot apple cider. I could go on all day about how much I love fall, but there is one thing that fall can't offer, and that is a glowing tan. Beach days are a thing of the past by now, meaning that your tan is probably (if not completely) faded.

One of the beautiful things about fall is the darker clothing options; it's time to pack up the pastels and brights and trade them in for something a little bit more sophiscated and bold. But naturally, whenever you change your wardrobe in any way (much like a hair color) your makeup wardrobe must change with it. It's time to pull out your under-the-bed storage container and put your bright pink lipsticks, nude lip glosses, dark shimmery bronzers, and poppy colored blushes safely in it. For me, the hardest thing to part with is my bronzer. During the summer months (and in Florida we have a lot of them) it becomes my best friend. On days when I didn't sleep much, it fakes 8, it transforms my skin from dull and lifeless to "hello Cancun!" and it is the perfect accessory to absolutely any summer outfit. But when the weather turns colder and my skin loses its natural tan, bronzer looks nothing short of Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars (you know what I'm taking about.)

The most important lesson this fall in terms of changing your makeup wardrobe is this: don't fight it! When your skin looses its summer luster, don't overcompensate with bronzer and wear a turtleneck to cover up your super pale neck and chest. Choose a flattering blush for fall that is not candy colored, which only really looks good on tan or darker complexions. Instead choose something a little bit more wine or ruby hued that will work with your skin even if you get a few shades lighter. My favorite for fall is NARS blush in Dolce Vita because it adds natural looking color to the skin without sparkle or Playboy Bunny artificial-ness:

Another important thing to remember when you're choosing a fall palette is to steer clear from nudes and other light summery colors that will wash you out. This fall season, the right lip color is your best accessory because it will flatter your warmer clothing choices as well as your darker cheek colors. I love how the models at the Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 show (above) look sophiscated without seeming to harsh or dramatic. Their skin has a little bit of glow, but no fake orange-y tan, and their dark lip colors flatter their complextions perfectly. Go for one that will add warmth to your skin, such as a dark pink or a sheer berry. I would steer clear of bright, bold reds for now, they can be very hard to pull off during the day, and can wash out lighter skin tones if not chosen correctly. My top fall picks are (from left to right) NARS lip stain gloss in Sayonara (which looks very light in this picture for some reason, but is a deep berry in real life) and Urban Decay Lipstick in Wanted; a sheer berry, frost-bitten color that can be layered for a darker effect.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starting the week off right!

I had such a great time being interviewed by FSVIEW Arts and Life editor Romina last week. I very rarely feel better after and interview (I usually beat myself up "oh my gosh, did I answer that question right?" and "Aah I hope they don't publish that!") But after my FSVIEW interview, I felt like Romina really understood my story and I think that she also had a good time listening to me ramble on and on and when the article was published yesterday it was no suprise that it was well written and got my style across perfectly. Enjoy readers:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New in Stock

Shadow Shields are now in stock at Beauty Loft Tallahassee! Come and try them out...and say good-bye to raccoon eyes forever!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Stuff Friday...

I remember when I used to spend hours upon hours searching for products and brands that I had never heard of. It was like every single time I checked, some indie brand had come out with something even cooler, even newer. Unfortunately, in recent years, Sephora has chosen its guns and has been sticking to them. No longer do I go on the "brand list" page and search for the next "it" company. It's a shame really, because the original business plan at Sephora was to seek out the best indie brands and make them known world-wide. Nowadays, it seems like they have their top 15-20 brands who come out with scheduled launches about as predictable as the moon cycle. I have noticed in the last couple of years that the true makeup junkies out there have shucked Sephora and Ulta aside to being the search for more original, exciting brands/products. Forums and blogs are jam packed with reviews of lesser-known brands and if you search further, you will notice that each forum has its own cult product favorite. It's amazing the impact these community based trend starters have, one or two reviews later, and drugstores nationwide sell out of a single color or item. It's how trends are supposed to start; not from a sell sheet or a marketing strategy, but from the treasure hunters themselves, the ones who venture out into the wild and drag the gold back to their caves. I'm happy to find this new beauty website ( filled with brands not found in every mall in America. Because what's worse than wearing makeup with the equalivent distribution as the Big Mac?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

As much as I hate MAC....

MAC has never had a warm fuzzy place in my heart. To me, the foundations are thick, the shadows are too dramatic for real life, and the pigmentation is not that high quality. Plus it doesn't help that I've never met a MAC employee that I've liked. It's almost like in their training seminars they're taught to be distant and aloof. Which is fine in this industry...but most of the time it's bordering on downright rude.

But this morning when I read that one of my favorite Palm Beacher's Lilly Pulitzer is teaming up with MAC to create a line this winter...I decided that I might just have to suck it up and visit a counter. Here is the blurb from WWD:

"Pulitzer is linking up with MAC Cosmetics to do a 19-stockkeeping unit color cosmetics collection dubbed MAC in Lillyland, which will be on counter Jan. 7 at all North American MAC locations; it will hit international MAC counters in February. The lineup includes two makeup brushes, an eyeshader for $24.50 and an angled contour brush, $32; two Technakohl liners, each $14.50; four Lipgelées, each $14; two nail lacquers, each $12; three Paint Pots, each $16.50; four Cremeblend blushes, each $18.50, and two embossed compacts."

It's funny to me that in the harsh black and white world of MAC, there will be an oasis of floral prints. I'm a big supporter of Lilly...maybe she can thaw the ice over at the MAC counter.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coming soon to your supermarket shelves...

Your supermarket will soon be (if they aren't selling them already) selling a new item from Entenmanns! We already love their coffee cake, chocolate covered, sugar powder, and crumb donuts, and even their raspberry kringle. But the new item from Entenmanns isn't going to be in the bakery's not even something that you can eat! Playing off of their ever popular desserts, they just debuted a new line of sinful candles. The scents include Butter Loaf Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Raspberry Danish, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, and Chocolate Chip Cookies so far. If you are looking for a truly authenitc dessert-smelling candle, who do you think would do it better than the master bakers themselves? These don't smell like artificial syrup-y desserts either...let's just say that if you're on a diet, these are not the candles that you want to burn! I just hope that they continue with expanding the scents in this line because they have some serious potiental to make this the most delicious candle smelling line in America.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And you thought candles by the bath were romantic...

I always notice in movies when the star needs to relax, the first thing she does is run a bath. It's true; nothing is more rejuvinating than a hot bath and a cup of tea (or wine, if it's been a particularily stressful day.) But no bath is relaxing with the harsh flourescent bathroom lighting that seems to be standard. I love the idea of lights inside of the tub, just like a hot tub or indoor pool, it gives off this swanky "even my water does what I want it to" vibe. Maybe one day my master bathroom will come equipped with some underwater lighting...but until then we all stick to candles. I love candles, don't get me wrong. They smell amazing, they give off sexy flames, they're slightly warming, and the can help you unwind. But the problem that I always run into is where on earth do you put the candles when you're taking a bath? If you put them across the bathroom, then you're sitting in practically pitch blackness in the tub (which I find terrifying...can you say Psycho?) But putting them teetering on the edge of the tub is just plain dangerous. Nevermind floating candles...probably the scariest bathroom invention yet. The idea of them seems great and romantic, until you finally relax and stretch yourself out, only to be burned by the floating fireball. And what happens if you fall asleep in the tub? You think that your head is safe, propped up on the edge of the tub (or on a bath pillow) and all of a sudden (tssssst)...your cheek just got roasted! And i'm talking about the one on your face.

So when I see this new invention (which is supposed to be all scary and Halloween-ey) of Glow In The Dark Bath Bubbles, I think it's a fun idea. No flames, no half lit bathroom, no acting like your tub is a minefield. Plus, how fun would it be to sit in a tub that is glowing? I just think that radio-active bubbles are a great way to unwind (just be prepared to share the tub with playful signifigant others!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Clutch Shoot Day Two

Day Two of the shoot was a little more complicated because it twas the actual "makeup shoot," so their styles were the main focus. The looks were as follows: 40's glam, bold purples and blues, earthy brights, and springtime fresh. We also had fabulous makeup artist Danielle help us out and she did a great job. Here are some pics!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day One Clutch Shoot

Here are a few pics that I was able to snap of day 1 Clutch Magazine fashion photo shoot...Their looks were meant to be starkly different; one is girly and feminine and the other is urban and edgy. We had a great time and I am looking forward to tomorrow's shoot even more, the "Fall Makeup Trends! shoot"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thank you Urban Tallahassee!

Urban Tallahassee, an unbiased, locally run news source wrote a fantastic review on The Beauty Loft this week. Thank you for the great press and keep up the great community-driven work!

French Women Don't Need Self-Help Books

For me, buying perfume is a never-ending quest to find the "True Me." It's like all of a sudden, with the right perfume, I'm going to start speaking perfect fluent French, have impecciable fashion sense, finally start my jet-set lifestyle, and have all of my problems solved. It's similar to Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic when she convinces herself numerous times that people will refer to her as "the woman in the green scarf" or "the woman in the brown leather boots." It's almost a sickness that we American women have, a constant search to clutch onto any single piece of the woman that we should be. We all have out images of her; she's most likely French, happily free of work, ("because she travels far too much, darling...and she could never be tied down like that") a jet-setter, has no money concerns whatsoever ("talking about money is so not French", she would say, as she sets down her Louis Vuitton luggage in her suite.) And yet she is not pretentious at all; just classy, stylish, and burden free. Naturally, her hair is perfect as is her skin, and she smells like the most sophiscated, feminine, well seasoned, woman with a hint of minx, that you could ever imagine. Who wouldn't want to be her? Not me, of course! And that's why I am putting myself on the pre-order list for the new YSL Parisienne; because this perfume is going to change my life...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming soon to The Beauty Loft...

I received a packcage a couple of months ago with these Shadow Shields inside. At the time, things were crazy busy at The Beauty Loft Gainesville and I didn't have the time to consider buying them. Numerous fashion shows, photo shoots, and cosmetic consultations later...I can't tell you how many times I wished that I had these on hand. There's nothing more annoying than eyeshadow sprinkling on a perfectly finished face. This leads to wiping off the sprinkles, streaking, undereye concealer being rubbed off, and having to apply it all over again. How simple are these? They only take a second to apply and they save precious minutes when you have a place that you need to be. Shadow Shields: We should have them at both Beauty Loft locations by late fall! Place your pre-orders now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Remember the Urban Decay dresser?



A little shabby chic paint and some rocker mirrors later...and Urban Decay feels muuuch more at home!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have some press!

Woo hoo for press! There is no better feeling than waking up to being in the news (for a good thing, of course!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm back...

So sorry that I have been missing from the fabulous blogging world...but a lot has happened in these last two weeks in my life (so I have a good excuse!) To make a verrry long story short...I opened a second Beauty Loft! I have always wanted to open a second in the city of Tallahassee (which mirrors Gainesville's market which I have already broken into.) Tallahasse, much like Gainesville, is a college town, home of Florida State University, FAMU, and Tallahassee Community College. Not to mention that it is the state capital, filled with politicans and their offices. It's a very old-school city, filled with history and still a little bit of country (if you get lost and drive off of the wrong exit...don't ask...) But anyways, I officially opened a second Beauty Loft in the heart of downtown Tally this morning and couldn't be happier!I promise to try harder to maintin this blog because I must keep my 2 followers interested! I will include pictures hopefully this week...