Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sexy Beachy Hair from The All Nighter

Do you love the gorgeous waves and texture that you get from a day at the beach? But is your hair normally flat and limp, making it painfully obvious that you haven't seen the beach in months? This week at The Beauty Loft Tallahassee, we just unpacked the revolutionary product from your favorite dry shampoo makers, The All Nighter. Introducing "Pre-Game Texturizing Spray," a coconut scented scrunch spray that gives you perfect, beachy tousled waves. Instead of just normal sea salt, Pre Game is made up of Himalayan Pink Salt, and the famous Argan Oil that we are addicted to (Moroccan Oil's main ingredient.) Come into The Beauty Loft Tallahassee this week to try this "beach in a bottle!"
Pre Game Texturizing Spray $22
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